do you love you enough, to love on others, freely? “we are like heads of birds, with selfish tendencies. alas, we’re killing our joyful expedition here on earth, with unreasonable hate, & the sheer desire to enslave others someday, love shall set us free, from the burden of self loathing, and the dark prisons of […]


In perfect harmony: Our souls were in coexistent, In the Eden of love Before the gold rush. We have rushed for; The temporal bliss, Tainting the eternal bond. Our teeth, is set on edge. Copyright 2014 || Blackout Jungle


I was a big world, made majestically Of the pure print divinity colors She’s a little world that gave me home A home too small, too sinful, too dark Yet she made me feel comfortable as, I kowtowed to her myopic ideas and pleasures Alas, I have become small in my own eyes; Tainted my […]