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You are worthy!!

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I’m not a huge fan of country music, but I do like some.  My reasons for not loving it are twofold.

I honestly feel like most artists sound so similar to one another that there’s no individuality in the different songs.  The other reason is the lyrics.   I don’t want to sing along to songs that talk about my dog or my pick up truck breaking down.

But it’s a free country, and we all have such different ideas about what music is that there’s clearly a place for it in many people’s hearts.  And that’s great!

There are, however, some songs that have caught my attention.

One of them most recently has a story behind it that you should hear.

It seems that a few song writers were on a plane from New York to Los Angeles and could overhear a couple of gentlemen talking not far from…

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Breakthrough is here, not there!!

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Does God have to be loosed from some form of inactivity through one’s white-hot activity, before one can receive from Him? 

“I need a breakthrough” “Pray hard until God intervene” “I will not let God go until He blessed me today” “We need an open heaven today…don’t sit there and pray like you have no problems” “Lift up your voice and pray with passion…violent take it by force” “Receive faith that moves God”. These are some of the passionate sentiments of the believer, pushing real good to ignite the heavens for quick response. Can the believer motivate God to action?

IS GOD BEING LAZY OR BORED – I grew up within the Pentecostal and Charismatic circles, as a Christian. As a charismatic believer, we had the belief that faith has to move God into action. This form of negative believes is the source of “operation push prayer marathon” “breakthrough prayer chain”…

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Colors of Poetry

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I want you to look into my eyes and see shelter

From the chaos storms of a stormy world

I want you to give up your arms and take up mine

There is rest for your smothered soul; in my arms

I want you  to feel my heartbeat of love, when you are near

I want you to stop running and breath the warmth of my love

I saw you among the crowd of faces on Glee Avenue





Headset on

Fast walking

No one knows your pain

You knows no ones pain

Secret pains being kept in secrecy

Amidst the laughter and the noise; weariness

I saw you awhile at the restroom, wiping your tears

Look into my eyes and see hope to cheer

I saw you at the parking lot of the medical facility

The doctors report in your hands says; its incurable

The written…

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You never said: do it yourself

My blood tissue infested with;

I can do it without you virus

In my pride:

I became a disciple of Frederich Nietzsche

Our creed:

You are dead

You remain dead

We have killed you

In my ignorance:

I gave up on your blind walking stick

I know how to walk around without you!

My thought has become my god of attraction

Whatever I need, I can attract it by thinking positively

In his emptiness;

He is hiding behind a face, without true joy

A prison he has built against his own soul

Alas, he lives in a fool’s paradise;

 slowly slipping through the cracks into death

In my true hypocrisy self:

I lied to myself, when thy tender voice echoed;

Through the void in my aching soul

The struggle within this house; destructive!

In his deepest thought:

He is standing face to face with…

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Do you know where your mansion is?

McDaniel A. Gyamfi:

Awesome write-up that answers the traditional evangelical belief of a mansion in heaven. A must read for every child of the Kiing!!

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???????? As we approach Easter, I would like to talk about a popular sentiment in our Western evangelical imaginations.

And I will start with a question…

Is Jesus preparing you a mansion in glory for when you die and go to heaven? Or, was He referring to something else?

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Life is more than eating and drinking and paying bills. The abundant life that comes through Jesus is nothing less than the adventure of exploring the limitless love of a great God. It’s riding atop the shoulders of the One who made all things

- Paul Ellis

The gospel in twenty questions



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Tossed into this merciless,

Windy night’s rhythm

Dancing with stale face;

This bizarre tune

Heads upside down

Feet’s out of rhythm

Dancing weary weird

Tick tock, tick tock

Its ten to midnight;

On long tower clock

Outer space;

Reality fading off

Please, give me firm feet

Anchor my feet to the rock

The rock which cannot be moved

Copyright 2014 | McDaniels Gyamfi

“Stop dancing to the negative tunes of the negaholic; else you will divorce reality and miss your season of purpose” “Get into the groove of the juicy melodies of the gospel and free yourself like a birthday kid, on a dancing floor. You are dancing your way to destiny”




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My heart yearns for solitude

How I wish I live in the 1400′s

No light

No phone

No Cars

Just you And me

The glow of your face,

my light

A thousand mile with you,

untiringly special

The need to talk to others

all gone

Your voice will calm the noise

in my ears

And your love,

will make me whole

- McDaniels Gyamfi Copyyright 2014


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